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Best Western Travel Card® Terms & Conditions

  1. General Terms
    • The Best Western Travel Card® is referred to herein as the "Travel Card" or, collectively, as "Travel Cards."
    • Travel Cards are stored value cards and contain either currencies or units.
    • Travel Cards are issued in the form of a physical plastic card, electronic card or, in some circumstances and in some locations, digital printable format.
    • Guests must have the plastic, electronic or digital printable format of the Travel Card in their possession to receive the full value of the card.
    • Travel Cards issued for payment of the face value of the Travel Card carry no expiration date.
    • In limited circumstances, Travel Cards provided as promotional awards or otherwise for promotional purposes may contain an expiration date.
    • Travel Cards carry no value until activated. Travel Cards are not returnable, refundable or redeemable for cash, and may not be resold or transferred for value, except to the extent required by law. Lost, stolen or damaged Travel Cards will not be canceled or replaced without card number and proof of purchase. Unlawful resale or attempted resale is grounds for seizure and cancellation without compensation.
    • Except where prohibited by law, Best Western reserves the right to refuse, deactivate, cancel, reject or hold for review any Travel Card mistakenly issued in an incorrect denomination or issued or procured, directly or indirectly, in connection with fraudulent actions or in connection with any violation of these terms and conditions.
    • Travel Cards purchased or bartered from sources other than Best Western licensed vendors (“Unlicensed Vendors”) are not valid or redeemable. Best Western is not responsible for honoring a Travel Card purchased from an Unlicensed Vendor. Travel Cards may not be resold by any Unlicensed Vendor or individual under penalty of law. If the Travel Card was purchased through an “Unlicensed Vendor”, Best Western reserves the right to refuse providing any additional card information. Please contact Best Western at 1-877-227-3288 to obtain a list of Best Western-licensed vendors prior to purchase.
    • In the interest of protecting you from fraud, we recommend consumers do not purchase Travel Cards from “Unlicensed Vendors”.
    • In the United States and Canada no more than $1,000 may be associated with any Travel Card in a 24-hour period. No individual or entity may purchase more than $10,000 in Travel Cards in a 24-hour period.
    • Travel Cards cannot be applied to pre-paid reservations.
  2. Currency-Loaded Travel Card
    • Currency-loaded Travel Cards can be purchased at participating Best Western branded hotels worldwide, online at, through participating travel professionals, through Travel Card Customer Service, or through approved retailers.
    • Currency-loaded Travel Cards can be used toward Best Western hotel lodging charges (i.e., room night charges and applicable taxes). Acceptance of the Travel Card for services other than hotel lodging charges is at the discretion of the individual hotel.
  3. Unit-Loaded Travel Card
    • Unit-loaded Travel Cards hold units that can only be used toward room purchase plus related room or occupancy tax and breakfast (breakfast only applicable to hotels in Europe) at Best Western branded hotels (excluding incidentals, gratuities, VAT, GST, and other taxes which may apply). Units apply to double occupancy (single occupancy unit levels are available in Europe). Additional charge per (adult) person is one unit.
    • For unit-loaded Travel Cards, advance reservations based on AC/UC rate code are required (rooms subject to availability).
    • Call Travel Card Customer Service (see contact information below) to check procedures or visit to find out how many units are needed to stay at your hotel(s) of choice.
    • Travel Cards loaded with special units may come under specific terms and conditions. In such cases, those terms will be attached to the Travel Card.
  4. Plastic Travel Cards
    • Plastic Travel Cards purchased via can be reloaded directly via the web site, by calling Travel Card Customer Service (see contact information below), or at participating Best Western branded hotels worldwide.
    • Plastic Travel Cards ordered via or through Travel Card Customer Service, are available in any desired amount between USD$25 and $1,000, EUR 25 and EUR 1,000 or equivalent in other currencies.
    • The purchaser is responsible for providing an accurate mailing address and email address. Delivery of a plastic Travel Card to an incorrect but deliverable address or a non-existent address, as provided by the purchaser, is the responsibility of the purchaser.
  5. Purchasing a Travel Card via or Best Western Customer Service
    • If a purchaser uses a credit card (e.g., American Express, MasterCard, etc.) to purchase a Travel Card in a currency other than USD, such currency must be converted to USD and may be subject to a conversion fee. Fee(s) subject to prevailing conversion rates. Please check with your credit card provider for more information.
    • Fees for international credit card transactions may appear depending on services provided by the purchaser's local bank. Please consult your credit card provider for specific details regarding applicable international fees.
  6. Purchases of Unit-Loaded Travel Cards Via Travel Professionals and Other Channels
    • If a unit-loaded Travel Card is purchased or reloaded through a travel agent, reservations should be made exclusively by the travel agent or by the consumer contacting Best Western directly (see contact information below).
  7. Use of the Travel Card at a Best Western Branded Hotel
    • At time of check-in, guests must present their Travel Card and a personal credit card or other form of payment guarantee.
    • Best Western reserves the right to request a form of security deposit in advance for expenses not covered by the Travel Card. Travel Cards cannot be used as a form of advance deposit or a guarantee for room reservations.
    • The value available on the card will be reduced by the total charges/units. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to keep track of the value of their Travel Card. Travel Card balances can be tracked online at The balance may also be checked by calling Travel Card Customer Service (see contact information below).
  8. Contact Information
    • 1-877-CARD-2TVL (227-3288) within the U.S., Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean
    • 1 800 232885 within Australia
    • 0800 237 893 within New Zealand
    • Click here for a list of countries in South America
    • +66 2 656 1260 Asia and the Middle East
    • ++ 800 22 73 28 85 within Europe and most other countries, or call your local Best Western reservations office

Best Western Travel Cards ordered worldwide (except for Europe) are issued in Arizona, USA. The laws of the state of Arizona, USA, govern all terms and conditions of the Best Western Travel Cards issued in Arizona, USA. Best Western Travel Cards ordered in Europe are issued in Europe. For Travel Cards issued in Europe, the laws of Switzerland govern all terms and conditions. Each Travel Card is subject to the terms and conditions published at Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Terms are void where prohibited by law. © 2018 Best Western International, Inc. All rights reserved.